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Personal injury law is complex, but we’ll do everything possible to make your lawsuit process hassle-free.


Whether you were hurt in a slip-and-fall accident or your loved one is the victim of a wrongful death case, your consultation process will be the same.

First, your personal injury attorney will review all

of the relevant medical documents

about your injuries.

Then, we’ll review all of the evidence of your case.


Finally, we’ll prepare you for court.


Don’t wait any longer to get the compensation you need.


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Has your injury left you worrying about how you’ll pay your bills?


Are you missing work while you recover?


Make My Essex Lawyer your go-to personal injury law firm when you’ve been hurt due to someone else’s negligence.


Your attorney will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve and alleviate your financial burdens.


The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can start working on your case.


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