Don’t Let One Collision


Wreck Your Finances

What Kind of Compensation Could You Receive?



Lost Wages



Due to an Extensive



Recovery Time



Medical Bills,

such as:

Hospital Stays





Rental Car Fees


Car Repair Costs

Wonder if it’s worth it to hire an auto accident attorney?


If you win your case in Somerset, NJ, you could get compensation for…

Stop letting past-due notices pile up.


Let an attorney help you get the financial support you need.

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Car accidents aren’t just physically and emotionally taxing — they can also put a strain on your finances.


Recover your financial losses with the help of an auto accident attorney.


Residents of New Jersey turn to My Essex Lawyer

 for reliable representation. They trust our legal team to pursue maximum compensation for their accident. Your attorney will make sure the responsible party is held accountable.


Our most common cases are with victims of drivers who were speeding, texting while driving, running a red light or driving under the influence.


We can also assist you with insurance disputes.


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